Mopping tips that every floor sanding and polishing Sydney professional would recommend

The warm and natural sheen of wooden floors makes them the perfect choice for people who are crazy about their home’s aesthetic appeal. They can give a welcoming look to almost any place. However, timber floor are prone to damages and therefore, require a lot of maintenance and care. Out of all, mopping is one of the best ways to remove dust and dirt from your floor. However, improper mopping can do more bad than good. We at JJ Floor Sanding, one of the most popular floor sanding and polishing Sydney agencies have found that most people having timber floors don’t know how to mop it, thereby ending up having a scratched, lifeless looking floor. If you are not sure how to clean your timber floor regularly, contact a nearby floor sanding and polishing Sydney agency or follow these mopping tips.

Make sure the mop is absolutely dry

Squeeze the mop as much as possible. It should be just slightly damp so that the floor dries up quickly. The quicker it will dry, the lesser will be the chances of damages. Make sure no one walks on the wet floor or else it will be difficult for you to remove the marks. Further, dust and dirt do not easily get accumulated over a dry floor, thereby minimizing the scratches. Therefore, wringing is very important for timber floors.

Mop in the direction of the grain

This is one of the most common tricks that almost every floor sanding and polishing Sydney agency will suggest you. Mopping in the direction of grain will make it easier to pick up the embedded dirt, thereby giving you better and safer results.

Use the right solution

Ask any floor sanding and polishing Sydney professional and they will tell you stories of how homeowners damage their expensive floor using wrong cleaning agents. If you truly care for your floor, do not use any harsh cleaning agents. Never use vinegar. The vinegar and water solution that has been used for ages is very harmful for timber floor. Vinegar has acid that can make your floor look dull and lifeless. Do not even use bleach and ammonia. JJ Floor Sanding, one of the most trusted floor sanding and polishing Sydney agency recommends you to use a light soap and water solution for mopping. You may also use a wood floor cleaning solution.

Use flat mops

They remove dirt instead of trapping them, thereby decreasing the chances of scratches. Flat mop having a microfiber cloth will be the best choice.

Never use hot water for mopping the floor

Hot water can take away its shine and make it look dull and lifeless. It can cause severe and even irreparable damage. Floor sanding and polishing Sydney agencies therefore, recommend lukewarm water for hardwood floors.

Mopping your floor regularly can help retain its new look. For more tips on maintaining your timber floor, keep reading our blog. Call us at 0423 321 021 to know about timber floor polishing prices.

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