Timber floor sanding in Sydney for older flooring

Well-polished floors look beautiful and welcoming in any home. Timber flooring especially exuberates an old world charm and thus making many of us opt for timber floors in our houses. But what we often don’t realize is that these floors need to be polished and maintained regularly. Most people who have old timber flooring in their homes, either get it polished or completely removed and a new one put. Polishing the old timber floor can enhance the look of the timber but cannot make it look like a freshly laid floor. A timber floor sanding company in Sydney can polish your old floors but it is important to understand that the existing imperfections on the old floor can sometimes impact the look of the finished polished floor. Some of the imperfections that you may have to deal with are:

Termites and Borers

Many a times a very common problem faced by timber floor sanding companies in Sydney is the damage to the boards due to borers and termites. Most of the times the extent of damage to the floor can only be ascertained after the floor is sanded. If there is minor damage, then the technician from the timber floor sanding company in Sydney will fill in the board with filler that is closely matched with the original board color. In case the extent of the damage is much, then they may have to replace the whole board. For this, the people from the sanding company will have to use timber which is exactly matched with the other boards and stain the old and the new boards together.


Older floor covering are sure to have stains on them due to frequent use. Every home has it fair share of leaks and spills and these results in staining the timber floor.

Depending on the kind of stain, the people from the timber floor sanding company in Sydney will give you an apt solution. Most stains can be sanded out but there are some stains like stains of rust, animal urine, burns and water that cannot be removed.

Scratches and Cuts

In case you have had a carpet resized, you will find knife cuts on the floor. In case these scratches and cuts are deep then they would have over time allowed moisture to seep into the timber over a period of time. This can cause that area to become discolored and dark. Though with proper sanding and polishing this scratch can be completely sanded out but the dark discoloration might remain.

These are a few of the problem you might face while getting your old floor sanded and polished. It is recommended that you only contact a floor sanding company who has a good reputation in the market and get the job done according to your specifications. J&J Floor Sanding is one such company in Sydney and they can be contacted at 0423 321 021.

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