Tips and tricks that you must know to maintain your timber floor

Nothing can make your house look as beautiful as a properly finished timber floor. The elegant look of wood is simply unbeatable. However, to retain its beauty, you have to work hard. Without proper maintenance, your expensive timber floor will start looking dull and lifeless even before you could realize. You can hire Sydney floor sanding professionals like JJ Floor Sanding to repair your worn out wooden floor, however, this will incur some expenses. We therefore, suggest you to keep maintaining it properly in order to retain its looks for years. Here are some helpful tips that most Sydney floor sanding professionals recommend.

  • High heels give you a chic look but they are one of the biggest enemies of your timber floor. They can leave some serious scratches on it that even Sydney floor sanding experts wouldn’t be able to repair. You should therefore, remove your heels as soon as you enter your house.
  • Put mats at the entrances so that you can brush off the dirt and dust when you enter. The lesser the dust enters your house, the safer your floor will be.
  • If you have a timber floor, vacuuming should be a part of your daily routine. Remove the dust and dirt regularly so that the timber doesn’t get scratched. You should also consider mopping the floor to avoid accumulation of dirt. Mopping will also give a clean, shiny look to the floor.
  • Pets can also damage your lovely timber floor. We are one of the few Sydney floor sanding professionals, who often recommend our clients to trim their pet’s nails regularly. Their nails are so harp that if not trimmed, your floor may get scratched deeply, requiring a significant repair work.
  • Furniture or appliances with wooden or metal wheels can damage the floor badly. If they require to be rolled, place felt-bottomed cloths under their wheels so that they don’t scratch the floor.
  • There are lots of floor cleaning products available in the market but you should refrain from using them. Always use a solution that is recommended by Sydney floor sanding professionals. The oil-based detergents, waxes, etc. can damage your floor. They can leave an oily film on it, thereby making it slippery. The greasy film will also attract a lot of dust and dirt. The methylated spirits and kerosene can even cause irreversible damage to your floor. We therefore, suggest you not to use any cleaner that is not recommended for timber flooring.

The only way to maintain your timber floor’s classic look for years is to clean it properly. Take out some extra time every day to vacuum and mop it. Even after maintaining it properly, with time, your timber floor will get scratched. You should get it repaired on time to avoid permanent damaged. For more details on Sydney floor sanding prices, call 0423 321 021.

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