Timber Floor Sanding Sydney

Timber floors offer a very welcoming and warm touch to the home. But the major problem lies in the upkeep of this kind of flooring. Often timber floors can get discolored and damaged and loose its original beauty. But there is no reason to be discouraged incase this happens. As timber floor sanding in Sydney can easily bring back the floors to their original beauty.

There are many professional floor sanders available but choosing the right person for you timber floor sanding in Sydney is very important. Another thing to remember in case your wooden floor is very expensive and a part of history especially if you live in an ancestral villa or house is to so choose the company for your timber floor sanding carefully.

The person you finally choose to do your timber floor sanding in Sydney should do the following to make your floors look new and beautiful:

  • Treat it gently: Your service provider should use quality equipment and use products that are tough on damage and stains but gentle on the surface and beauty of your floor. They should very neatly remove the top layers in order to reveal the new and beautiful wooden surface below.
  • Polishing and finishing: Once they have removed the top layer, the people from your timber floor sanding in Sydney will provide you with the option of either choosing a deeper color or a number of stain patterns to retain the natural finish. They will also advise you on whatever finish will suit your décor. Once they are done with the stains and colors, they will polish your floor a number of times that will allow the timber top layer to acquire a natural sheen.

Once the floor has been finished, the experts who are doing your timber floor sanding in Sydney, might ask you to take a few precautions as listed below:

  • They may ask you to wear socks while walking on the new floor for at least 48 hours as the oils from your feet might come off onto the floor and ruin it.
  • Do not move the furniture back for at least three to four days in order to minimize the risk of marks and damage to the floor.
  • Avoid use of trolleys and anything with wheels as the floors would take at least fourteen days to fully harden after the polish.
  • Avoid using rugs and carpets for at least two weeks.

Apart from these dos and don’ts your service provider will also advise you on the materials to be used for further maintenance of your floors. To know more on timber floor sanding in Sydney, call us on 0423 321 021

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