Floor Sanding Sydney

A great way to enhance and maintain your wooden floors is by sanding and polishing them. This not only increases the durability of your floor, it also helps maintain it and give a warmth and beauty to the house.

Selecting the right professional

While selecting a professional for Floor sanding in Sydney, there are things that you may need to consider. First and foremost, the professional should be insured and licensed. Ask them if they give any kind of a guarantee for the work they do. Go through their catalogue and also talk to their previous clients. Also they should be able to provide you a free quote for their services.

Cost Involved

Usually the professional, who you choose to do your floor sanding in Sydney, will calculate the cost on the area that will be quoted in per square meter. Then he will add the cost of the prep work required. Once you have been given a quote by the company, you must enquire if it includes the cost of the finish and stain that may be required. Prices could vary locally and on the materials used.

Floor sanding professionals in Sydney

Most floor sanding companies in Sydney will be able to provide you the following services:

  • They will advise you on timber flooring and all its aspects. They will also help you decide on the look you want.
  • They will prepare the floor by removing the coverings of the old floor, level the sub floor and rough sanding it.
  • They will polish and sand the floor with different types of polyurethanes and natural oils.
  • Liming and Staining floors
  • Repairing damaged floors, scratch removal and replacing boards.
  • Install all kinds of new flooring
  • Maintain your polished floors

General Maintenance tips

Once the professionals that you have chosen to do your floor sanding in Sydney have finished their part of the work, then there are things that you can do at home to keep your floors looking its best. The things you could do are:

  • Protect it from direct sunlight: Due to direct sunlight falling on the floor, it could fade in color. So it is best to use curtains and blinds.
  • Mats and rugs: It is a good idea to place rugs and mats to minimize the risk scratches due to sand and grit from outside.
  • Clean regularly: It is best to make a cleaning and maintenance plan as this will go a long way in keeping your floor shining and new.
  • Use a dust mop: Use a dust mop like an anti-static one as this less likely to scratch the floor.

To know more about sanding services that can leave your floor looking clean and new, call J & J Floor sanding at 0423 321 021 today!

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