Floor Sanding And Polishing in Sydney- A Quick D-I-Y Guide

Timber floorings supplicate a lot of care and maintenance and that’s one reason why floor sanding and polishing has to be done at regular intervals to keep the flooring spick-n-span and free from scratches. To bring back the shine and gleam on the wooden floor, floor sanding and buff up proves handy. By calling up professionals in Floor Sanding and Polishing in Sydney, one can skip all the hassles an amateurish sanding and polishing might pull in.

If you think you can sand and polish your floor following an easy step-by-side guide, here’s the sequence:


This includes cleaning up the area, patching up the flooring and sanding the water stains.

Sanding the Floor

This involves sealing the room with a plastic drop cloth and then sanding with the help of drum sander, followed by edger and then drum sander along with medium grit paper. The next step involves sanding with the edger and medium grit paper.

Filling the corners

Fill the corners with latex wood filling and then sand again with the Drum Sander and Fine Grit Paper.

Fine sanding

Sand the floor with the Edger and Fine Grit Paper and clean up the wood sliver with the vacuum cleaner.

Stain the Floor

Apply the Stain, wipe them and repeat the process till the entire floor is stained.

Apply the Finish

Apply the Polyurethane (oil-based) or urethane (water-based) finish around the room borders. Apply Finish to the remaining parts of the Floor and sand evenly. Apply another coat of the finish and evenly sand again to apply yet another coat. Clean Up.

If you think it’s a lot of work, call up an expert for a hassle-free, immaculate job.

At J & J, customers not only get sand-free sanding and polishing done for their timber flooring but they get all this done at an affordable cost.  Airborne dust caused due to manual sanding can be very harmful and can cause irritation to the eyes, skin and lungs in the family. Particularly, if somebody is allergic to dust, sanding becomes almost an unfeasible task! Floor Sanding and Polishing in Sydney is done with the help of a modern technique that uses a filtration system that ensures not even a single dust particle is left to harm people and pets. This is an efficient way to get back the old, lost lustre and bid goodbye to the worn-out and grungy timber floors.

J & J Floor Sanding would offer just the exact solution that is needed for particular flooring that could range from natural matte to highly glossy ones.  For any type of timber floor sanding and polishing issue, get in touch with J& J Floor Sanding immediately. Call us at: 0423 321 021

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