Floor Sanding That Sydney Loves

Wood floors offer a naturally comfortable, beautiful touch to any home. If you have wood floors that have seen better days don’t give into the temptation to hide them with carpet. Instead call the floor sanding Sydney uses to beautify old and worn wood floors, J&J Sanding.

A Firm Yet Gentle Process

At J&J Sanding we provide a firm yet gentle sanding that adds just enough force to remove old finishes and scratches in order to reveal the new wood below. All wood floors need to be cared for properly and as they age scratches and everyday wear will slowly erode the protective coating. The best way to bring back the natural beauty of your wood floors is to sand them. We can provide the professional refinishing services you need to remove the damages while preserving the lovely layer beneath.

Beautiful Finishes

Once we have revealed the fresh new wood we will apply a brand new stain and finish to create the beautiful wood flooring you desire. At this stage of the process you can choose to go with the colour of the original floors or add a whole new look and dimension with a different stain. We can create the look you want to make your floors even lovelier than before.

Protective Coating

Your floors will then be given a protective coating to ensure they last for many generations to come. Again, we can offer the finish that suits your taste from a natural matter finish to a high-gloss sheen.  We will leave your home looking like you just had brand new wood floors installed.

Whether you are renovating a heritage home or updating floors that have seen better days J&J Sanding offer the wood floor sanding Sydney depends on for refinishing their Sydney homes.


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