Floor Sanding and Polishing Sydney

Beautiful wood floors can be within your reach. Have you ever lifted your carpet to see what lies beneath? Many homeowners have no idea they have wood floors beneath their old and worn carpets. Whether you are living in a home where the worn wood floors are painfully obvious or have just taken a peak and discovered wood floors beneath, J&J Sanding can provide the floor sanding and polishing Sydney needs to reveal their lovely wood floors.

Years of Wear and Tear

Often homeowners do not realize they have moved into a home that has original wood floors hidden beneath carpeting. Unfortunately even if the discovery is made, chances are you will also find the floors are quite worn and scratched. Carpeting laid over wood floors without protection can really take a toll, scratching as well as wearing away at the original polish of the floor. At J&J Sanding we are able to use our floor sanding and polishing Sydney homes love to reveal newer, undamaged wood floors.

Smooth and Sanded

We use our professional equipment to smooth and sand those worn wood floors until they are free of old finishes, stains and scratches. We then apply a new stain to bring out the grain and depth of colour of the natural wood. You will see a whole new dimension revealed once the stain is added, or we can keep the floors natural if you prefer.

Protective Coating

The final stage of the process uses a protective coating to offer your floor years of protection from everyday life. The coating can be applied in a number of finishes from natural matte to a high sheen. You will not believe we actually didn’t come in and install brand new timber floors when you see the stunning results.

When you are in need of the floor sanding and polishing Sydney depends on to bring their dull old wood floors back to life, call J&J Sanding.

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