Restoring the Rich Gleam to Timber Floors in Sydney

Wood is a truly wondrous substance, though we tend to take it for granted since it is present everywhere. It is strong and tough, with a fibrous structure that makes it possible both to cut it into perfectly flat, smooth, geometrical planes and to use it for load bearing constructions. It provides some of the best insulation available and yet is completely non-polluting. Its beauty speaks for itself – rich beige, reddish browns, deep umber, and other hues with a warm, intense glow and the ability to take a high polish, either with the help of a coating or simply by being sanded.

However, constant use can wear the sheen off even this fine natural substance and leave it weary-looking. In this case, restoring the rich gleam to timber floors in Sydney is only a single sanding job away. Restoring your wooden flooring to its full glory is the specialty of our firm, J & J Floor Sanding Services (on the Internet at – we know timber floors and will bring the gleam back to well worn planks quickly and affordably for you!

Although anyone can pick up a sander and attempt to bring the gloss back to a floor, doing so over the whole area of several rooms – or even a single chamber – is a complex task best left to a professional. The sanding needs to be applied evenly across the whole surface, ensuring that the floor has a smooth, homogenous appearance rather than looking “patchy”.

It is also all too easy to sand an area of wood too heavily, cutting into the surface with the edge of the sanding disc and leaving an unsightly recessed crescent that can only be removed by sanding the whole area down into a shallow concavity. This, of course, produces an uneven, cockeyed floor surface on the horizontal plane that will be visible from certain angles and might render furniture placed there unstable as well.

J & J Flooring Sanding Services ( provides the smoothest, swiftest sanding services for timber floors in Sydney today. We combine professional acumen and high quality work with speed and affordability to make your floor restoration experience a positive one. Call us today and return your wooden floors to their full beauty and gloss.


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